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What is SCADAfarm?

Water is crucial to the growth and success of your farm but our diverse climate, terrain, soil types and agriculture sectors mean everyone’s needs are different. SCADAfarm has been developed right here in New Zealand to give farmers complete control over their Valley pivots and pumps which are often spread over a wide geographical area or multiple properties.
Having the ability to control your irrigation and wastewater systems via your computer, tablet or smartphone not only frees up valuable time, it also allows you to make the best possible decisions about water use on your farm and respond instantly to any problems or changes in conditions.
With SCADAfarm you can turn your irrigation on and off, set pivot speed and direction, check your water pressure, switch between VRI plans, change your watering depth, safely park your pivots in high winds and much more – all at the touch of a button. You can also review the management of your irrigation system over time to ensure you’re getting the most value from your water.

SCADA stands for ‘Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition’ and is an automated system used extensively by the international mining, petrochemical, water and wastewater industries. SCADAfarm’s software and hardware package has been developed specifically for the New Zealand agriculture and horticulture industries and provides unrivalled control and peace of mind for Kiwi farmers everywhere.
How Does It Work?
SCADAfarm has three main components:

• Hardware – installed next to your pivot or pump control panels
• Website – to monitor and control your irrigation system from your computer
• Free mobile app – to gain remote access from your smartphone or tablet

A reliable cellular connection on farm is a prerequisite.
The Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) that are installed on your farm will operate 24/7, providing real-time data. If any changes are detected in your pivots or pumps, the RTU will immediately update the information held in SCADAfarm’s cloud-based servers so accurate information is always at your fingertips.

You can access the system from the SCADAfarm website or the mobile app. Both applications have a common look and feel, allowing you to move easily between them.
A typical ‘command’ would be carried out like this:

• Farmer chooses to turn pivot ‘on’ using their mobile app
• Command transmitted via cellular network to SCADAfarm server
• SCADAfarm server connects to pivot
• Pivot switches on
• Signal sent back to SCADAfarm server confirming operation
• Notification received via mobile app that pivot is now on

While Vodafone provides the secure cellular network SCADAfarm operates on, you do not need to be a Vodafone customer. Nor do you need to alter your existing broadband plan. Access to this network is included in your annual SCADAfarm subscription.

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