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This module offers you complete control of your Valley centre pivots which
may be spread over a wide geographical area or multiple properties. Using
SCADAfarm’s secure cellular connections and cloud-based technology, you can
save valuable time by checking the status of your pivots 24/7 and controlling
their operation via your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

SCADAfarm Pivot allows you to:
• Turn irrigation on and off
• Alter pivot speed and direction of travel
• Check water pressure and flow rate
• Change watering depth
• Apply water with precision to suit individual crops and seasons
• Check soil moisture levels
• View current weather details and forecasts for your farm
• Log and report compliance data directly to local councils or water authorities
• Receive immediate alarm notifications if your pivots aren’t working
• Safely park your pivots using the ‘stop in slot’ function when field works are
required or in high winds
• Save power by running an efficient irrigation system
• Save time by not having to manually check individual pivots
• Review performance and management of your irrigation system over the
• Keep your vital water and compliance data safe and secure in our cloudbased
• Enjoy robust industrial-scale automation, control and monitoring capabilities
for an affordable annual fee

A Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), power supply and modem will be mounted
next to your Valley pivot centre control panel and will communicate with
SCADAfarm software hosted on our cloud-based server. You can then monitor
and control your pivots from the SCADAfarm website or the mobile app.
SCADAfarm is designed to work with your farm’s current systems, so your
existing water and effluent monitoring, control and support services will all
remain intact.

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This module is designed for farmers who already have SCADAfarm Pivot and
want to fully utilise the Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) technology installed on
their irrigators. VRI gives you immense flexibility by allowing you to control
individual sprinkler heads along the entire length of your irrigator.

Different valves can be pulsed on or off to reduce water flow in accordance
with pre-programmed ‘maps’ or ‘zones’. SCADAfarm allows you to store up to
10 different ‘maps’ to suit your soil type, crop and time of year. You can switch
easily between each map, and add or delete new ones to get the right amount
of water exactly where it’s needed.

Altering and controlling the amount of water distributed is an efficient way
to irrigate paddocks that have varying soil types; cater for different crops
requirements; and avoid swampy areas, water races, tracks, gullies and soil
that is prone to run-off.

Studies suggest VRI can help you save between 8% and 36% of your water use
without any reduction in crop yield. It ensures there’s sufficient water available
in the plant root zone only, rather than saturating below the root zone. VRI not
only helps reduce the risk of soil erosion and nitrate leaching into groundwater,
it will also save you money by reducing your energy consumption and track
maintenance costs.

SCADAfarm will help you realise VRI’s full potential. Your VRI plans can be
loaded and implemented at the touch of a button via SCADAfarm’s website
or mobile app. There’s no need to drive around your farm and programme
individual pivots.

This module is particularly beneficial if you have a limited or expensive water
supply, have variable soil types with different water holding capacities, or a
property that suffers from high leaching rates.

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SCADAfarm Pumping will save you precious time by not having to drive to your
pump shed to stop/start your operation or identify any faults.

Pumps spread over a wide geographical area, pumping from a common water
main, can be remotely controlled as a single system from one lead pump using
this module.

You can turn your pumps on and off whenever suits you using your computer,
tablet or smartphone, and monitor and log data about your system’s pressures,
levels and flows. You can also adjust key parameters such as flow limits,
running time and pressure limits.

SCADAfarm Pumping will immediately alert you to any faults such as high
pressure or power outages so you can minimise down time and get your
irrigation system up and running again as fast as possible. Keeping an eye on
your flow rate also makes leaks and burst pipes much easier to detect so you
don’t waste water or breach your consent conditions.

A Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), power supply and modem will be mounted next
to your pump’s control panel and will communicate with SCADAfarm software
hosted on our cloud-based server. You can then monitor and control your
pumps from the SCADAfarm website or the mobile app.

Up to four pumps can be controlled per RTU but each one can still operate
independently of SCADAfarm if you wish.

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SCADAfarm Weather

You can’t rely on the weather – but you can rely on the accuracy of our SCADAfarm weather service to know if rain is on its way.
That’s because WaterForce and agricultural weather experts, DTN, are bringing a powerful combination of tools together.
WaterForce’s unique Terra Test helps reveal the exact soil composition across your entire property. It takes factors like crops and root depth into account and can be calculated paddock by paddock. Understanding this information is key to knowing how much water you need to apply for maximum growth and production.
DTN is the largest provider of agricultural weather data in the United States. They use hundreds of different weather models and specialise in discovering which one works best for different locations. This is an important feature because our weather can be highly localised. Just because rain falls in one valley, doesn’t mean it’s going to fall across an entire region.
In early 2017 WaterForce will install DTN’s specialised weather stations across rural New Zealand to create a new rural weather grid. DTN’s algorithms will then calculate which model to use in different regions to produce the most accurate, detailed forecasts for Kiwi farmers, orchardists and vineyards.
By conducting a Terra Test on your property and signing up to our new SCADAfarm weather service, you’ll have access to accurate, real-time weather data to help you make better water management decisions. We’ll even send you regular text alerts predicting the level of irrigation your particular farm or orchard will need in the next 24 or 48 hours.
This new service will be available in the coming months. To register your interest, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


SCADAfarm Soil Moisture
SCADAfarm’s soil moisture products allow you to continually monitor two key variables for plant growth: soil water and soil temperature.
They are valuable tools in today’s farming environment.
• Avoid over-watering
• Optimise plant growth
• Show environmental responsibility
• Help make important irrigation management decisions
Having accurate soil moisture and temperature data at your fingertips can help you optimise your irrigation plan, save water and find the right balance to maximise crop growth and quality.
Our robust Aquaflex sensors, EnviroPro probes and associated Point Green loggers will transmit accurate data on a daily basis to our secure SCADAfarm servers in the cloud. You can then access that information whenever you need directly on your PC, tablet or smartphone.
Aquaflex sensors are buried horizontally in the soil and are an ideal way to measure the average moisture content beneath permanent crops.
Our EnviroPro soil probe is installed vertically and has sensors located every 10cm to measure moisture at different depths. Both 40cm and 80cm probes are available (four or eight sensors) and are suitable for permanent and seasonal crops. They can be removed before harvest and re-used the following year. Monitoring your soil moisture at varying depths can help determine your drainage profile and pinpoint areas where leaching might occur.
Our experienced Field Team will install the sensor of your choice in a suitable location on your property where it will best meet your needs.
This integrated solution works alongside SCADAfarm’s suite of products to produce a comprehensive picture of what’s happening on your farm or orchard so you can make the right irrigation decisions.

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How to Purchase

SCADAfarm is available from your local WaterForce outlet. There is an initial installation cost and then an annual subscription fee.
If you are interested in this technology solution, call into one of WaterForce’s nationwide branches to obtain a quote specific to your property.
In order for SCADAfarm to work, you must have reliable cellphone coverage on site – ideally at the location of the equipment you wish to control and monitor. If coverage is patchy, we can look to install extra antennas or radio equipment to help boost your signal.
WaterForce technicians will visit your farm and install Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), plus a power supply and modem beside your Valley pivot centre or pump control panels.
Set-up instructions and your unique password will then be emailed to you, giving you access to SCADAfarm’s website and mobile app. Customer manuals will be provided so you can learn how to use your new SCADAfarm system.
Your annual subscription also gives you phone and email access to our New Zealand-based support team should you encounter any problems or have questions. A ‘Live Chat’ help desk is also available on SCADAfarm’s website.
» or call 0800 4 FORCE (4 36723)

» SCADAfarm Contact Page - Technical Support

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