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Craig Blackburn
Hororata, Canterbury
400ha mixed cropping and beef finishing farm.
“Rather than being tied to the farm we can operate our pivots from anywhere. I’ve pre-loaded into SCADAfarm all the safe wind positions on our farm. That way if we’re out for tea and the wind picks up, I can park them in slot and not have to worry.
I probably check SCADAfarm 15 times a day, just making sure all the pivots are going and adjusting things depending on how the Rakaia River is flowing and what our pond level is.
I basically don’t have to go to the pivot centre anymore, which is great because I live on another property and it was a time consuming job. I’d struggle now to live without it.”

Karls Pivot

Karl McDiarmid
Gorge Creek Flats, Central Otago
170ha block on a sheep and beef farm.
We’re busy breaking in a new farm and SCADAfarm has saved us a lot of time, to be honest.
We have three pivots on it and having to drive to each one can get quite painful. With SCADAfarm we don’t have to physically be on the farm to turn pivots on or off, or make any changes. You can be anywhere in the world, still adjusting the pivots to suit and making decisions on your cellphone.
It’s a good product and the more people who hop on board, the better it’ll get.”

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